Dear friends, how long have you seen the trend of LED lamps replacing traditional bulbs in market? 3 years ? 5 years?  LEDGreat has already been 7 years old.

If you have not noticed that more and more shops are taking LED track lights as light source, even more than replacing with LED panel lights, downlights, PAR lights and led bulbs, you are loosing the sensor of market.

Why Tracklight ? Why LED Tracklight ? Let’s see the reasons below :

1, Energy-saving

Now most people have realized that LED lamps saves 50% or even 70% of the power against traditional lamps. Suppose your shop uses 100pcs 70W MHD, and now replaced by 35W LED, every working day from 10am to 10pm, imagine how much electricity bill you saves per month… And you would need to replace these lamps only 3~5 years later.

energysaving of led tracklight

2, Flexible angle

Wow, you are not sure where exactly commodities are set when you install the lamps?

Do not worry.  Track lights have the lamp head movable 180 degree forward or backward, and some of the lamp brackets are even 360 degree rotatable as well. They can shoot the lights to such big area you never expected!

led tracklight has multi angles

3, Easy movement

Yes of course, you may say some gimbal trunk lights are same flexible to move around different angles. But what we get the most important thing here: We have a long track rail to move track lights, as long distance as you wish! Track lights can be a portable lamp inside your shop.  Never worry how to arrange your showcases and displays.

LED tracklights can be remote controlled in group

4, Convenient installation

No need to cut any hole on your ceiling! Simply mount the trackrails, use connectors to joint. That ‘s it, fast and easy!

long trackrail for tracklight movement

5, Smart Control

Why not? Your track lights can be remote controlled by a group, using a Dali- controlling system,  dimming from bright to dark.

long rail for tracklight

For more specifications, you are welcome to refer to LEDGreat tracklight series and consult our professional sales team.