Company Profile —-About LEDGreat 

LEDGreat has been 7 years old Now!


Since her establishment, LEDGreat has been dedicated in the energy-saving LED lighting industry, starting from outdoor lighting series, to various indoor lights. We manufacture, design, and outsource according to customers and market demand, and keep improving to meet the quality and performance requirements.


Now, LEDGreat has concentrated on 3 major fields of LED lighting: commercial lighting series including various LED down lights, track lights, panels etc, which are mostly supplied to shop and office users,  industrial lighting series : including led canopy lights for petroleum gas station, linear tubes for workshop and warehouse application; and soon car and vehicle lights for automobiles and bicycles.


During the years of our export and domestic project experience, we have noticed that LED light source become the major choice for more and more new building and re-construct projects,. Especially after 2014, with the cost getting down and quality turning stable, LED lights are approved by the major market. Buyers have also raised their critical requirements for the products.  Hence, we focused on our competitiveness in gimbal shoplights, big power (40~60W) down lights, high CRI COB tracklights, triproof linear tubes etc, and more technical supports are given to our clients at same time.


Thank you for the strong support from our clients and buyers, LEDGreat would grow together with you now and in future!