Q1: How to calculate the replacement of LED light Vs Traditional Lamps ? Do you have a calculator ?

A1:  There is a rough table of replacement you can take as reference, but we would evaluate the actual effect according to specific projects and applications.

Traditional Lamp type Power LED lamp type Power
Fluorescent tube 36~40W LED T8/T5 Tube 18~22W
CFL T5 tube 28~30W 18~22W
incandescent bulb 100W LED bulb 7~10W
Halogen bulb 35W LED spotlight 3~5W
Metal Halide lamp 250W LED floodlight/downlight 100W
High voltage sodium lamp 250W LED streetlight/projector light/tunnel light 80~120W


Q2: What is your terms of payment ?

A2: For trial order or samples, we can accept payment via Western Union. For normal orders, you will need to arrange payment to LEDGreat’s  HSBC company bank account.


Q3: What is your leadtime of products?

A3: Our normal leadtime is from 7~12 working days. Please confirm with our sales for every order, peaktime production and special materials will be counted extra time.


Q4: How do you arrange shipment ?

A4: Our sales will offer you shipment options including : courier cost by DHL/FEDEX/TNT/UPS etc, and airshipment and vessel container are more economical for mass quantity.


Q5: What is your terms of price ?

A5: Our standard price term is EXWShenzhen USD/unit, as it is difficult to calculate FOB costs for different quantity orders.


Q6 : What is the warranty of your products ?

A6:  We have different warranty terms for different products, normally :

3 years for led downlights, panel lights, linear and triproof lights , canopy lights,

2 years for led tubes, spotlights

1 year for LED demo case.

Some models we will have special notice for 5 years warranty.

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