Lamp Type Illuminance Features
LED Light 90~100lm/W energy-saving, long lifespan, high CRI, environment-friendly, will replace many traditional lamps.
Incandescent Light 10~15lm/W low brightness, short lifespan, harmful to environment
Fluorescent Light 35~45lm/W short lifespan,low CRI, harmful to environment
Compact Fluorescent Light 25~45lm/W big power(100w up) CFL are not really energy-saving, low light effect,and actual current much bigger than stated. I.e 110W CFL actual power is around 170W.
Mercury Light 45~50lm/W higher light effect, small size,high brightness, suitable for outdoor lighting. Yet light color too much blue and green, no red,cannot show the original color of item.
Metal Halid Light 70~80lm/W lightspan 2 years, longer than CFL, shorter than electroless light
High Power Sodium Light 90~100lm/W energy-saving, but poor CRI, yellow color,suitable for street lighting and other location no requirement for CRI.

Power Consumption for reference 

Power consumption Traditional Light LED light
Incandescent Light 25W 3W
Fluorescent Light 11W 6W
Compact Fluorescent Light 50W 7.5W
Mercury Light 40W 18W
Metal Halid Light 75W 30W
High Power Sodium Light 250W 105W

These data are rough calculation,  the actual replacement will be up to more factors , like light beam angle, CRI, environment brightness,  new technology of LED lumens/W improvement etc.