Down lights are the most varied series among LEDGreat commercial lighting series. We mainly focus on: fixed angle down lights ( circular/square size); rotatable angle led down lights (round and rectangular shape optional) , gimbal shop lights (also called elephant trunk down lights); fin-aluminium perfect cooling down lights, and ceiling mounted down lights etc. These various down lights has smallest power at from 1~5W to be installed on jewelry cabinet, and the biggest power (8inch/10inch) up to 55~60W to be mounted on high ceilings of shopping malls. There are multiple choices for the light beam angles from narrow to extensive too, replacing traditional halogen bulbs,metal halide lamps, and CFL bulbs,saving max 70% of your energy. At present, 70% of our customers prefer to take COB LED as their light sources.

In addition to normal lighting effects, our down lights are able to work under triac dimming, 0-10V microwave motion sensor dimming, and Dali-control. Please let us know the special requirements of your project, then our professional sales will give you the suggestion accordingly.