LED tube lights are the most popular and affordable led lights in market now. They save 70% power compared to fluorescent tubes and 50% power compared to CFL T5 tubes.
At the moment, LEDGreat provide 2~3 years warranty LED tube lights at middle level in market, for the past 7 years, their prices are getting down and down, but we maintain a problem rate less than 1% for SMD LED tubes.
LEDGreat offers mostly 3 types of tube lights, including T8 LED tubes, T5 integrated LED tubes and T8 integrated LED tubes ( LED drivers to be setat the integrated rack.).
For parking lot lighting, LED tube lights equipped with more additional functions, including rador sensor LED tubes, motion sensor led tubes, emergency battery backup led tube lights. For fresh shops, LED tubes are either set with pink color lighting or waterproof function, so as to work better at freezer showcase.